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Keiki Yamada – Annunciation –

27th May. (Fri.) – 10th Jun. (Fri.)
10am – 7pm (Close Sun)
6-4-7-1,2F Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

27th Jun. (Fri.) – 9th Jul. (Sat.)
10am – 6pm (Close Sun)
3-4-9-1F, Hirano-cho Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka

Keiki Yamada "The angel's voice can be heard" oil and tempera on wood panel 178.0×132.0cm
Keiki Yamada
“The angel’s voice can be heard”
oil and tempera on wood panel

Keiki Yamada uses the classical renaissance technique, tempera, to express familiar contemporary scenes.

This exhibition will focus on artworks that depict the same scene and the same way of the subject in response to classical and modern masterpieces.

And, we will exhibit the artwork of Ryusei Kishida who is a modern Japanese oil painter and have influenced Keiki Yamada.

Ryusei Kishida was influenced by artworks in the Renaissance era, and he pursued to express “inner beauty”.

Also, Keiki Yamada too depicts not only the subject but also the hidden scenes and memories through his tranquil paintings.

We hope you will enjoy the collaboration of classical, modern, and contemporary art, which are influenced by and connected, through Yamada’s new artworks.