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Notice of video release : Yukyo Yamamoto《Blue mountain》 Public production

《Blue mountain》

Mt. Fuji is a symbolic presence that can be considered an identity for Japanese people, but images repeatedly seen in various media seem to have become detached from its substance.
Mt. Fuji is seen from Hiratsuka, but this work is based not on what I see, but on an idealized image that appears in guidebooks and travel websites.
Mt. Fuji, which contains such a kind of flimsy image, I thought I could express it by using blue sheets and gold foil. Mt. Fuji has been shared as a symbol of Japan since the Meiji era (1868-1912), especially in the field of education. Hence, its formality may be seen as applled to a variety of things.

Yukyo Yamamoto

This video is a public production by Yukyo Yamamoto at the Hiratsuka museum of art on 11th september.
This artwork’s title is “Blue mountain” and painted Mt.Fuji with white acrylic and gold foil on a blue poly tarp.
You can look at this work at the Hiratsuka museum until 27th November 2022, and a frottage art by Yamamoto is exhibited too.
Please do not miss it!

Click here for the website of the Hiratsuka museum of art