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SHIHODO Gallery will present works by five artists, Keiki Yamada, Yukyo Yamamoto, Yuya Fujita, Jia Wei, and Kana Komata, on the theme of “Feast” at Art Fair Tokyo 2024,
“Food” is one of the essential elements of our lives, providing color and enjoyment daily. We believe that this is also true for the enjoyment of art.
We hope that through the “feast” depicted by the artists, you will enjoy the pleasure and richness of the connection between food and art.

●Private View *invitation-only
7th March (Thu) 11:00 – 19:00

●Public View
8th March (Fri) – 10th March (Sun) 11:00 – 19:00

*until 17:00 on the last day only

●Tickets(Including tax)
Advance ticket JPY4,000.- / Same-day ticket JPY5,000.-

Tokyo International Forum Hall E 3-5-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 



Keiki Yamada Culture day
oil and tempera on wood panel 60.1×65.0cm

I paint with the classical technique used during the Renaissance, an early form of oil painting. I paint layers of egg tempera and oil paint, layered many times. The sense of space and gravity are the characteristics of this techniques, and I puts my heart and soul into each layer.
This work is titled “Culture Day”. I painted food samples of meat croquettes. I expressed my excitement when I saw these food samples in the showcase at the restaurant’s entrance. This work is also a collaboration with the Tomakomai City Museum in my hometown. It comes from my own episode of having lunch with my family at a Western-style restaurant in town on November 3, Culture Day (a Japanese national holiday), and then going to the museum to see the painting.



Yukyo Yamamoto BIG Mac of 870 yen 
Colored pencil on manila paper, one yen coins 72.7×72.7cm

A treat for everyone. Your treat. A treat for the world. The best treats. Rich treats. Healthy treats. A treat at a great price. Everyday treats. Cool treats. Cute treats. Stylish treats. Artistic treats. Pop treat. A one-coin treat. A dazzling treat. A fun treat. A treat of memories. A lot of treats. Endless treats. A treat that never stops. Let’s POP EAT! Please enjoy.



Yuya Fujita YF943 oil on cotton 33.3×24.2cm

For me, the best “feast” is French food. I painted nine pictures with motifs of the taste of wine and cheese, my longing for three-star restaurants, and canned foods and seasonings I bought in Paris. I hope you can feel the delicious and happy time and space.


魏嘉 Jia WEI

Jia Wei Untitled
acrylic, pastel on panel 91.0×72.7cm

When it comes to appetite, the first thing that comes to mind for me is the feeling of fullness, the irregular and uncomfortable bloating wrapped in the delightful mess of deliciousness. In addition to the physical food ingested and excreted, there are also the mental and emotional nourishments within the mind and heart, as portrayed through the imagery of my menu for today.


小俣花名 Kana Komata

Kana Komata A architect ink on hemp paper 162.0×156.0cm

Herb tea, baguettes, cheese, wine, melon, Parisian treats